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The mission is simple- People over Profits!

**Our CBD Subscription helps make CBD affordable!

I know what it's like to be bullied by big business. I was just recently scammed for $6580.40. PayPal goods and services was supposed to protect me. I sent them the verification codes showing the product was counterfeit. They still sided with the seller.

As my business grows I promise to keep People over Profits. When we call these big corporations, we inevitably talk to someone who's getting paid little and doesn't have the authority to make things right. They are reading from a script.

If you have any issues with our products or services, you can contact me directly. As we grow I will delegate these tasks to the people I've met along my life path who come from a place of understanding and discernment. Not one who says their hands are tied. We, as customers, have to deal with this everyday reality. As this year progresses, corporations are taking more and more of the economy. The biggest wealth transfer in history has happened. Be a part of the change and support a small business like mine, while you still have choices in where you purchase your goods.

Even if you aren't interested in CBD, I implore you to check out the website and read the "WHY" page. Humanity's future is at stake and I want to do whatever I can to help make this happen. There's already a solution. It has been around for as long as we have. It is the hemp plant. It can provide everything we require. We can all grow our own and we can take back our economy through this.

It is imperative that people understand WE ALREADY HAVE A SOLUTION!
We do not have forever before the corporatocracy grip drives us into oblivion. 

I started this company to provide solace in an unregulated market. Most of the claims you've heard about CBD are true. The FDA will not allow companies to speak of the efficacy of this. Big pharma hopes you never try it. With over 75% of the market having fake or under-dosed products. I knew I had to find a way to provide those in need with a safe and affordable solution! 

I've spent the last 10 years helping people in crisis situations as a professional. I realized we could help prevent the need for the crisis to have ever come about in the first place if action was taken.

Countless people have told me they were able to get off of overly-prescribed medications that provided little to no relief, have addictive properties, and are often very expensive.  
My hope is that with the peace of mind these products give you'll be able to focus more on yourself and learn to heal.

I am a normal person, just like you, I want to thank you for being alive, not giving up, and continuing forward.

With all my love,

Adrian Fike